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The material of pellet mill die should be made of the alloy structure steel or stainless steel ring mold. Carbon structural steel, such as 45 steel, its heat treatment hardness is generally 45-50 HRC, it is a low-grade ring die material, its wear resistance and corrosion resistance are poor, now basically eliminated

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Larger pellet mills designed for using large flat dies, have to be equipped with proper motors, because larger flat dies results in growing power consumption. Small flat dies (200 - 260mm outer diameter) works with 15kW pellet mills, but larger pellet producers uses flat dies 300, 335 or 400 which require pellet mills with larger motors

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Pellet mills. Pellet mill permits to transform a meal, fibre or small granules product or mixture into pellet. The product forced by the rollers through the holes of the die, comes out in the form of small cylinders. The long time experience in spare parts’ production, in pellet mills’ production, in conduction and maintenance pant and

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Every pellet mill die is specifically manufactured to each customers. View Details Send Enquiry Pellet Mill Die Decides Your Pellets Production. 2019920 Pellet mill die is largely used in large pellet mill and small pellet mill. The pellet mill die can be divided into ring die and flat die

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Pellet die specifications: See the picture on the right for actual positioning on a die. I.D. = Inner Diameter of the Die: The inside diameter is the most common identifying dimension of a die and is always specified during die selection.. O = Overall Width of the Die: The overall width of a die may vary.Often, there is more than one width available for each die diameter

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The pellet mill flat die is processed through 6 procedures including forge, reaming and polish. TICO adopts superior alloy steel and scientific technology to promote the discharge speed. The die can be replaced easily. Just loosen the lock nuts on both sides, remove the upper chassis, and take out the roller and die

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Nov 19, 2013 · Pellet die can be simply defined as a metal part with holes, either flat or ring-shaped, in which the roller forces raw material under intense pressure to produce pellets. Theoretically, the pellet die driven by the main motor of a pellet mill is a driven component. The holes and thickness of pellet die determine the pellet size and features

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In ring die pellet machine, the suitable clearance is 0.1-0.4mm. Keep the pellet mill die and roller clean. When the wood pellets have worked for 30 days, you need to clean up the roller and die with diesel or gasoline. Coat them with lubricant oil and install them again. To ensure steady high production, we should keep the inside of the die clean

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The roller turned pellet mill press, makes pellets with a steady die and a turned roller. Roller turned small pellet mill has a roller rolls above the material layer, and because of the pressure generated by the dead weight of the roller and the motor, the material is pressed into the pellet mill die holes

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Specifications for Small Flat Die Pellet Mill. Model. Power (kw) Capacity. Voltage. Flat die Dia. (mm) Dimension (mm) AZSPLM120. 2.2 40-60 kg/h for Wood pellets. single phase/three phase: 220V 50HZ /380V 50HZ. 120. 550*300*710 . Working Principle of this Small Flat Die Pellet Mill

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What you should first consider is the capacity requirement, if you want to produce pellet for home use, justing for heating home or breeding poultry, a small flat die pellet mill of about 200kg/h is enough. If you plan to buy a pellet mill both for home use and pellet vending purpose, our pellet mill

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small ring die pellet mill for sale from China supplier-victor pellet mill. Model:VTHMK350 Power:55KW three phases Power type:electricity Capacity:3000-4000kg/h Final pellets size:1.5-15mm Used for:making chicken feed,cattle feed,livestock feed,fish feed Raw materials:grains,manure,straw meal,alfalfa,rice husk,etc

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flat die pellet mill spare parts.pellet mill rollers and dies supplier. Rollers are the most important parts of pellet press machine for making pellets. The material of roller parts must be wearable. We adopt the best steel to make the rollers ,then to quench it by high temperature to improve the use life by 3–5 times

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Types of pellet dies. The two common die designs used in wood pellet machine at the contemporary market include the flat die and ring die. A flat die is small in size, light in terms of weight, easy to clean, easy to maintain, and cheaper than its ring die counterpart. On the contrary, ring dies are large in size, durable, heavy in weight, high

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