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Conveying eductors enable the use of low pressure air to be used to move powders, pellets, and bulk solids with no moving parts. Conveying eductors have a major advantage over rotary airlocks. No maintenance as there are no moving parts. No blow-back, dry bulk is actually sucked into the line

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Pneumatic Conveying with No Moving Parts: Let Fox select the best blower for your application. Fox supplies hundreds of blowers each year as part of Fox eductor systems, ranging from small regenerative blowers to 200 HP blower packages

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Pneumatic conveying systems are normally divided into four types depending on whether the material is blown or vacuumed through the pipe, and if the solids : air ratio is high (dense phase) or low (dilute phase). Our method for conveying fragile products uses patented technology to provide the most gentle and reliable means yet developed to

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Venturi Eductors For Penumatic Conveying. Venturi eductors for penumatic conveying. the venturi effect convey powders with a pullpush pneumatic system. in the dilute phase pneumatic conveying with eductors the venturi effect is exploited in order to obtain a double effect it creates a negative pressure at the feed inlet from which the material is sucked and then pushed into the line pressure pull

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Pneumatic Conveyance. Ejectors designed for dilute phase pneumatic conveyance are different from normal ejectors in that they primarily operate at sub critical velocities. Designed for transporting powders, pellets and solids in a low pressure, high velocity air flow typically in the range of 15 -30 m/s through pipework up to 100 metres in length. The motive air requirements, pressure and flowrate, are dependent on the load to be conveyed and the conveying

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Features: • Solid conveying involves the transport of particulate materials mostly by air or other gases. • Venturi Eductors utilize the air output of a blower to generate vacuum that can be used to entrain and feed powders, pellets and bulk solids into a Pneumatic Conveying stream and delivers at the destination Silos/Bins at a different location and at different elevation

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Small amounts of solids or liquids will not cause operating problems. Accidental entrainment of liquid slugs can cause momentary interruption in pumping, but no damage to equipment. Applications. Decarbonating brewery water. Creating chemical process vacuums. Water treating by degasifying. Used in degassing molten steel. Perfume concentration

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Fox Venturi eductors have been used successfully to pneumatically conveying small-particle size construction materials – such as flint rock, pea gravel, and screened gravel and aggregate. Such eductor conveying solutions can use portable compressors, operating at 50 – 80 psig to convey up to 100 feet or more through rigid or flex hose

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Fox Venturi Eductors for Activated Carbon Injection (ACI) for Mercury-Reduction and Hg-Capture. Hundreds of Fox Eductor and Blower Systems are now installed at power plants as the preferred solution for 24/7 reliable pneumatic conveying and subsequent injection of PAC into stacks, ducts, boilers, and kilns: Distances up to 1,000 ft

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